Why Carry Any Wallet If You Can Carry The

American Flag Wallet

Unite Fashion, Function and Freedom With A Slim, RFID Wallet

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Why Carry The American Flag Wallet

The American Flag wallets are for anyone who is proud of where they come from. The wallet designs perfectly fit a rugged, no nonsense, American-Made lifestyle.

No more skimming scams with this RFID wallet. Prevent credit card data theft with the style of a modern aluminum wallet.

Whether you carry 1 card or 16 cards, plus up to 20 folded bills. This wallet with cash clip, will keep them secured and in place without slipping out.

These wallets are so durable, we’re willing to bet on it. That’s why we are backing it with a lifetime guarantee.

This wallet is compact, durable and embodies the principles of simplicity and functionality while being constructed with robust materials to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Our Wallet Dimensions And Features

First Responder & Military Discounts

Reasons to Love American Flag Wallets

Secure Purchase

Safe and secure purchase process with the highest level encryption & PayPal processing

U.S.A. Business

We made a deliberate and proud decision to keep all our printing and assembling operations for our wallets right here in the USA​

Backed By Warranty

Covers all functioning parts from defects EPP® Printing Process ensures beautiful print for the life of the wallet

10 Reasons Why Our Products Are Worth Every Penny.

Printed, Assembled, & Designed in the USA

By choosing American Flag Wallets, you're supporting a small family-owned business that keeps many of our processes here in the USA.

Giving Back to Charity

With each purchase, you're making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. A portion of our proceeds are used to give back.

Unique Flag Designs

Our wallets are not just beautiful, they are a symbol of something great. Each wallet design represents our pride, love and dedication to this country.

Highest Quality Materials Products

We offer only the highest quality products and materials for our wallets. We create products that we ourselves

Premium Printing Process

Our wallets are thoughtfully designed and custom printed using the latest printing technology with highest quality ink for an amazingly vivid and crystal clear wallet print.

Quality Customer Service

Offering top-notch customer service ensuring your shopping experience is smooth and enjoyable. Contact us and you will see for yourself.

Withstand the Test of Time

Through our lifetime warranty on the wallet functionality and our Refresh Program, your wallet will last and look beautiful for years to come.

Slim Modern Wallets

These slim, modern, front-pocket wallets hold up to 16 cards plus your cash in a super slim profile. These wallets prevent back pain because you are not sitting on a bulky wallet all day.

Keeps Your Data Secured

Prevent electronic pickpocketing with these aluminum RFID wallets that keep your data safe by preventing your chip from being read without your authorization.

Free Shipping and Handling

We offer fast, free handling and nationwide shipping at no cost to you.

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Proud To Be American Wallet

Introducing the Proud To Be American Wallet, a testament to your unwavering pride in your country. This meticulously crafted wallet showcases the stars and an eagle design adorned with stars and stripes. Our wallets let you carry your essentials with pride while ensuring their safety.

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Blue Eagle Wallet + Proud To Be American Wallet

Deal of the Day! Get extra savings with this exclusive offer featuring both wallets at the best value plus when you order you get this exclusive American Flag pin for free. Get the beautiful Blue Eagle Design Wallet Plus our Proud To Be American Wallet. Save more when you purchase together.

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Blue Eagle Wallet + Proud To Be American Wallet + Rugged Wallet

Don't miss this hot deal offer. Take advantage of extra savings when you bundle 3 wallets together! This exclusive offer featuring all 3 wallets at the best value plus you get the American Flag Pin and wallet insert 20-in--1 multi-tool.

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The Perfect Wallet Built To Last

The American Flag Wallet, much like the Star Spangled Banner itself, sends a powerful message. A message of freedom, strength, and standing up in the face of adversity. This wallet is made out of the highest grade aluminum to ensure maximum durability no matter what.

American Flag Wallets FAQs

The American Flag wallets are for anyone who is proud of where they come from. The wallet designs perfectly fit a rugged, no nonsense, American-Made lifestyle.

Our wallets are as tough as they come, and are built to last. They are premium designed and built from high-performance aluminum, secured with RFID technology, and backed by our exclusive warranty.

RFID and skimming are a very particular type of electronic pickpocketing. When cards are activated by an RFID reader, their chips can transmit information wirelessly, making it easy for your information to be stolen and for strangers to make a purchase without physically having your card.

Yes! With our current offer, all orders are eligible for Free Shipping.

Yes, all our products are backed by our guarantee that they will be working properly. Our warranty covers all functioning parts from defects. Please see our warranty policy for more information.

Yes, American Flag Wallets salutes all active-duty military, veterans, and first responders for their service to our country with an exclusive coupon code. Click here for your coupon code.

*Valid proof of service may be required for this offer. Thank you.

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