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Embrace the essence of the Steel City with the Pittsburgh Flag Wallet. The wallet’s design showcases the distinctive Pittsburgh Skyline silhouette resting above the rugged American flag, capturing the city’s blend of strength and culture. Crafted from the highest quality aluminum, enjoy both design and durability, accompanied by RFID blocking and a lifetime warranty.
    • Blocks RFID Skimming so credit cards cannot be electronically stolen.
    • Makes a great gift for any occasion
    • Backed by Our Exclusive Warranty
    • Holds up to 16 credit cards plus your cash
    • Durable aluminum metal to last years
  • DIMENSIONS: Compact size at 86 x 53 x 6 mm, equivalent to a credit card’s size.
  • STORAGE: Accommodates 1 – 16 credit cards and more than 20 folded bills.
  • RFID SPECS: Blocks RFID signals to protect cards from skimmers.
  • WEIGHT: Remarkably lightweight, 4 ounces or less.

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All our Wallets are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Warranty starts from the date of purchase. Contact us if you have any questions.
Refresh Program
Reprint your American Flag wallet again within one year of your original print. Within 365 days of your original order if you want to refresh the front of wallet print, send it back to us, we will reprint your photo on your wallet. You just pay for shipping and handling of $15 and no additional costs are included, you will get a fresh new print on your wallet.
Depending on wear and tear and how you handle your wallet, it will chip or scratch over time. Our printing process is meant to be permanent, but even the most hearty printing process will wear over time. This program is meant to keep your wallet face fresh and looking like new for years to come!
Enroll in our refresh program within 365 days of your original order to request your print. Please note, that only one wallet refresh per wallet.

Buy 2 wallets get 1 free. This offer will automatically apply (no code needed) when you choose 3 wallets, you get one of them for FREE. This deal gets you free shipping and a free gift with every order. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

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Front Face of Aluminum Wallet with American Flag and Pittsburgh Skyline.

Why Pittsburgh Flag Wallet?

Embrace the essence of the Steel City with the Pittsburgh Flag Wallet. The wallet’s design showcases the distinctive Pittsburgh Skyline silhouette resting above the rugged American flag, capturing the city’s blend of strength and culture. Crafted from the highest quality aluminum, enjoy both design and durability, accompanied by RFID blocking and a lifetime warranty.

This wallet transcends mere functionality; it’s not for those seeking just a place to keep their cards and cash. It’s crafted for those who desire to carry a wallet with deeper meaning. With every use, an American flag wallet becomes a reflection of your identity, a representation of the values you hold dear, and a statement of the principles you stand for.

Front Face of Aluminum Wallet with American Flag and Pittsburgh Skyline.
Back Face of Aluminum Wallet with Push Feature and Cash Clip.
Side Angel of Slim Aluminum Wallet With Cash Clip.
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I’d give 6 ⭐️ if it was available

These are well built and just flat-out beautiful. Already have received numerous comments on the Flag/Eagle combo!! Support US companies!!!

Bald Eagle Design Wallet

Love the rough look

This is one of several that I bought and I really like them all. You have to get used to the minimalistic design of the wallet, but it is much better than sitting on my big old wallet. I've only been using them a short time but they seem to be holding up really well. I love the rough look of the grunge flag wallet and if you are looking for a cool design and a great wallet, look no further. Getting your cards out in the beginning takes a little getting used to but I don't mind knowing that they are in there securely.

USA Flag Wallet
Jack Black
I'm impressed

I'm really impressed by the design of the USA Flag Wallet! However, it's important to note that this is primarily a minimalist wallet. It's perfect for holding cards and a modest amount of cash, but removing and re-inserting cards can be a bit cumbersome due to the snug fit. Nevertheless, the compact size and the relief of not having to sit on a bulky old wallet outweigh this inconvenience.

Initially, I was contemplating purchasing a similar more expensive wallet, but I was hesitant due to the hefty price tag associated with that type of wallet. Opting for this one was a more budget-friendly choice and the fact that it holds a really cool design, and I figured if it didn't meet my needs, it wouldn't be a major loss. Fortunately, I'm quite satisfied with my decision. The wallet has proven to be durable, showing no signs of scratches or fraying on the bands thus far.

I've bought 3 so far and I'm considering purchasing another one in a different design to keep switch things up. Overall, if you're in the market for this type of minimalist wallet, I highly recommend giving this one a try. It's been a reliable choice for me.

Really got a deal here

I was excited when these wallets arrived, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. But really excited when I opened the package. I was only going to get 1 wallet, because why the hell would anyone want 3?! Right? But it was worth the money and I ended up giving one to a friend who plans to buy more too. They are really top notch quality, similar to the big guys in the industry. They are packaged up in a box with a tool set that'll come in handy if any screws come loose. I keep my extra in its box with my extra credit cards that I don't want to carry around with me all day. It fits a lot of cards, more than I have, but I like to carry just a few with my ID for the day. It's easy to get the cards out, but it takes a bit of practice at first because I was used to my old wallet where one card fit in each slot. Overall I'm excited about the wallet style and the cash clip on the back holds my cash in tight, so its not floating in my pocket. The designs are really cool and they have so many choices. I picked this pack because it has 2
of the wallets I was eyeing anyways. Overall great deal.

Great little wallet

I work in the machining so I wasn't really sure if this would last, but I've dropped it several times and it doesn't have a mark on it. The card retention is still very tight and the money clip does its job well.

I give it 5 stars

I recently bought the Eagle American Flag Wallet and I must say, I'm quite excited about it. The design immediately caught my eye, it has a bold bald eagle set against the American flag in the back. It's quite striking.

Constructed from what seems to be high-quality materials, the wallet feels sturdy and durable in my hand. There's a sense of reliability about it, so I think it will last me a long time.

What really sealed the deal for me was the added security measure. I've heard about RFID technology and knowing that this wallet has it eases my mind when it comes to protecting my cards and personal information. Not like my old leather one, it fits all my credit cards in the slot and it doesn't feel bulky or thick when I fill it.

One more thing that is very important, I had a presale question and the owner Stephany called me back directly. I was surprised at the level of service I received. I will be a lifelong customer.

Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase. Thank you American Flags Wallet.

Great wallets

I bought the deal for the three wallets recently. They came in a nice box and they each had a cash clip included. The quality totally blew me away. Was a bit unsure at first, but when I saw the price, I couldn't resist. Let me tell you, these wallets are the real deal. The design is really nice, and the wallet fits all my cards nice and snug, plus the cash clip let's me carry my money with me too. I didn't know much about RFID, but I looked into it and found out these wallets block those skimmers that can read your credit card chip data. So, I was happy to have that extra layer of security. Overall, I'm thrilled about my buy and definitely recommend these wallets to anyone looking for a good quality wallet

Bald Eagle Wallet
Henry Moto

I recently purchased the Eagle Wallet from American Flag Wallets, and I'm thoroughly impressed. The RFID blocking feature provides me with peace of mind, knowing that my personal information is secure. The eagle flag design adds a patriotic touch, and I've received numerous compliments on its unique look.

Eagle wallet

I like the wallet, it is of good quality!

Perfect choice

I was looking for a wallet that had a flag on it, I never purchased one yet, but I saw these wallets and I had to get it. It is a similar wallet I was looking for and the design is what made my decision. The design is amazing and very unique. I feel I am carrying it with a purpose. It took time for me to get used to carrying it in my front pocket but I won't go back now. You get used to it. For the quality and the price of the wallet, I highly recommend it.

Constitution Flag Wallet
Nicole Anderson

Wonderful Experience

Beautiful and works exactly as I would like!

I’ve seen a lot of these wallets advertised. I know a few people who have wallets that look like this. What interested me in trying this particular product were the graphic designs, right up my alley with patriotic artwork! But I couldn’t be happier with the function of the wallet as it holds all of my cards and no matter how much cash I’ve got, it’s always nice and tight in the money clip. Highly recommend this product!

American Flag Wallet
Kevin Talaila
Cool little wallet

Fits just the right amount of cards, I really love the flag design. I bought 2 wallets so far and they are great.

Love My Flag Wallet

I was in need of a new wallet because I was tired of keeping an elastic around the portion that held my credit cards so they wouldn’t fall out. My birthday is the Fourth of July so when I came across your company & the selection of wallets, I was immediately sold! It’s small, compact & meets all my needs all the while keeping your cards safe with RFID Skimming technology. I absolutely love it & highly recommend your company!

Hands down the best wallet!

This is hands down the best wallet I ever owned. I was concerned about it chipping but I contacted the company and they have a program to fix it if it does happen. This is the best wallet for the value and compared to other similar wallets in the market, great quality too.

USA Flag Wallet
Frank Cooper
Another great design

This is my second wallet I got from these guys. I haven't used this one, but it is still very high quality wallet and has the same feeling as my other. The idea that you get several wallets in the deal and you can interchange which one you use is a cool concept. Highly recommend it.

Nice design

This is my favorite wallet, I have been using it for a few days and it's a great wallet. It's small and easy to handle and I get a lot of compliments on it. So far it's great.

3 Pack Deal

Buy two get one free deal,,,,love the wallets, great quality, excellent customer service. Will likely purchase more for gifts

Army Star Wallet
Jason Yung

Great product and timely service.

Love it.

Love them all. Telling all my friends about them.

Love it

I love the wallet. Best I have ever had. Will carry nothing else. The picture is amazing. Had lots of comments on the wallet. Everybody loves it. I tell them where they can get it

Wow! Don't put it off for another second.

These wallets are very well put together, holds at least what they say and then some. Also ease of removing cards was a quick learn. I Love mine, and will be purchasing more for gifts. Great American Product, and customer service was personal.


Difficult to get cards in and out. But durable

American Flag Wallets | Man in camo with American Flag Wallet

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Pittsburgh Flag Wallet

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