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Multi Tool Wallet Insert
The only 20-in-1 wallet insert multi-tool. Need a box opener, got it, need to measure, got it, need a can opener, you bet. This all-in-one tool is a great add-on to your minimalist wallet.

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USA Flag Art Wallet
The USA Flag Art Wallet is a lively twist on the original American Flag Wallet. This wallet features a gorgeous USA Flag artwork design that looks like it was hand-painted. 

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American Flag Wallets | Man with American Flag Wallet


No more skimming scams with this RFID wallet. Prevent credit card data theft with the style of carbon fiber or aluminum.

american flag wallets


These wallets are so durable, we’re willing to bet on it. That’s why we are backing it with a lifetime guarantee.


Whether you carry 1 card or 16 cards, it doesn’t matter. This wallet will keep them secured and in place without slipping out.

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Amazing Designs!


Very cool design that incorporates 4 very important aspect of the USA!

- Luke



The American Flag Wallet is so nice to look at, the colors are printed on great.

- Alison

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