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Bald Eagle Design Wallet
Introducing our captivating Bald Eagle Design American Flag Wallet, a true testament to the magnificence of one of America’s most cherished symbols. This exceptional wallet proudly showcases a majestic and resolute bald eagle, gazing steadfastly into the distance.

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Grunge Flag Wallet
Discover the Grunge Flag Wallet, where the American flag gets a rugged makeover. Crafted from premium aluminum, this wallet exudes quality and character. With built-in RFID blocking and a lifetime warranty, it’s as dependable as it is distinctive.

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Rugged, Quality Products

American Flag Wallets | Man with American Flag Wallet


No more skimming scams with this RFID wallet. Prevent credit card data theft with the style of carbon fiber or aluminum.

american flag wallets


These wallets are so durable, we’re willing to bet on it. That’s why we are backing it with a lifetime guarantee.


Whether you carry 1 card or 16 cards, it doesn’t matter. This wallet will keep them secured and in place without slipping out.

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Another Great Design!


This is my second wallet I got from these guys. I haven't used this one, but it is still very high quality wallet and has the same feeling as my other. The idea that you get several wallets in the deal and you can interchange which one you use is a cool concept. Highly recommend it.

- Tom Ferry

High Quality


These wallets are high quality and half the price of the closest competitor that rymms with Bridge! We were able to procure 3 of the American Flag wallets that included a couple of accessories! If you are in the market for a front pocket wallet these should be at the top of list! GREAT PRODUCT!

- Daniel Rapp

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