5 Reasons You Should Carry An American Flag Wallet

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Hello and welcome to American Flag Wallets! We genuinely appreciate your wanting to be a part of this growing community. American Flag Wallets are all about providing a quality everyday product, the wallet, and making it a symbol of being a proud American. Here are 5 reasons you should carry an American Flag Wallet.


It’s all about pride, right? American Flag Wallets is a proud American company. We don’t just see the American Flag as a piece of cloth, but a symbol. A symbol of hard work and dedication to freedom.

You are proud of where you come from, and American Flag Wallets give you the ability to show off your pride.

Comfort and Accessibility 

Not only does it look great, but an American Flag Wallet will be the most comfortable wallet you’ve ever had. At just 4 ounces, it is lightweight and easy to carry. It’s the same size as a credit card, so no more bulky “hockey puck” type wallet taking up all this space in your pocket or jacket. It’s sleek, slim, and can fit in your front and back pocket.

American Flag Wallets can hold 1-12 cards; no matter how many cards you carry, the wallet will stay in its compact form. It also comes with a cash clip on the back of the wallet, giving you easy access to slide out your money. You’ll have extreme comfort and accessibility with an American Flag wallet.

Security and Durability  

American Flag Wallets are not only easy to carry, but they are super secure and long-lasting. It is made from one of the highest performing metals, 6061 aluminum alloy. The aluminum material is made from RFID blocking technology. Which acts as a shield for all your cards. No one will be skim-scanning your information!

The aluminum alloy material makes your American Flag wallet as durable as any wallet out there. Drop it on the pavement? Smash it with an object? Run it over with a car? Go ahead, do all the above. This wallet will still be intact and ready to perform. If not, we got you covered. We back all American Flag Wallets with a lifetime warranty.

Saving Money

We know you are hard-working and want to keep as much of your well-deserved paycheck as possible. American flag wallets come in at a genuinely incomparable price in the wallet market. This gives you the ability to get a premium wallet and still have money to fill it up!


Lastly, you take pride in the Flag, and we wanted to give you options to show that pride off. American Flag Wallets come in 6 uniquely premium designs. All designs are, of course, centered around the American Flag, but each one has a little Patriotic twist to help you stand out.

Our very own EPP patented printing process makes sure that these premium designs are of the highest quality you will find. The colors and prints are vibrant, with red, white, and blue. We offer a Refresh Program if your wallet ever needs a minor touch-up or reprint.

An American Flag Wallet: The Last Wallet You’ll Ever Need

Now you know more about American Flag Wallets and why you should carry one. It’s time to shop for which one best fits your American pride. You can visit our wallet gallery page to see our 3 premium flag designs. Happy shopping for the last wallet you’ll ever need!

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